Thermal JDH

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Cosmos Collection.

Designed in collaboration with artist, Kelsey Amy, the new Cosmos Collection brings a vibrant and unique offering to the hockey market. Inspired by the unlimited potential of the cosmos, the range is available in three models: Thermal, Vertigo and Big Bang.

Bow Point: 250mm
Curve: 24mm
Length: 36.5" / 37.5"
Colour: Thermal
Weight: 505gr -515gr*
Balance: 390mm*
Carbon: 75%

The Pro Bow is a new mould for 2021. The shape is similar to the Low Bow and Low Bow Hook but with a more consistent curve. If you're a fan of Grays Dynabow or Osaka Pro Bow than this is the stick for you.

* Weight and Balance Point will vary stick to stick, above is a guide only.