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The Crown Hockey stick is the best hockey stick that be created with current technology and is constantly being updated. The Crown Hockey Stick is designed with real hockey players in mind, offering unfettered performance, precision and quality. Hand crafted in Britain using manufacturing processes that are normally reserved for F1 racing components. We have created a hockey stick in its own category.

We have not compromised on materials or the manufacturing process.The Crown Hockey stick is manufactured to the gram using parts machined to an accuracy of 0.05mm.


“Our mission is to dramatically increase the level of technology within hockey sticks to manufacture a piece of precision sport equipment. The Crown Hockey Stick is the result of 3 years of continuous and ongoing development with F1 engineers and players across the UK.”


Manufacturing process:

The Crown Hockey Stick represents the ultimate in hockey stick technology using our patented pioneering technologies and is continually being improved and developed with over 5 years of ongoing research and development.

Crown Hockey Stick owners become part of a select community of players who are intensely passionate about improving their game day by day and will not compromise on anything to be the best they can be!


Fully Formula 1 carbon fibre from our exclusive UK supply chain, combined with our ultra low density, very high compression strength aerospace grade foam core, designed to take multiple high impacts.


High impact carbon fibre woven 2 by 2 twill weave. With four standard colour options.

Coating system:

Extremely durable high clarity hybrid coating system.


Factory fit silicone-backed grip.


Factory fit Crown TouchPad. TouchPads are a brand new and renewable touch compound, for ball control and trapping and protection.




  • 15⁰ Loft angle, perfect for aerials, 3D skills and top corner smashes!
  • 235mm bow position & 24.6mm extreme bow height.
  • Subtle groove on the hitting face to improve drag flicking.



  • 300mm bow position
  • 24.4mm bow height