Balling Pro Junior Barium 100 Green

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Custom manufactured by Balling for Hockey World using the latest in Carbon Composite materials, this Professional Junior Stick is no toy. It's make-up is that of a Senior stick in a Junior package. Exceptional power and control mid bow without the vibration of a fibreglass stick.

Built with a 80% Carbon content and features an all-purpose late bow that benefits forwards, midfielders, and defenders. This exclusive Barium Junior 100 Green field hockey stick delivers stiffness and power for players looking to expand their skill set without minimizing control. An extra light Aramid layer strengthens the protection in the backhand hitting area.

Profile Late Bow
Features Dual Core, Fabricated Carbon
Grip Exclusive Balling Feelgrip 
Weight Ultralite Only / Under 500 grams
Length 34.5& 35.5
Exclusive Hockey World Bentleigh