Balling Iridium 70 Blue · Extra Low Bow

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Designed with versatility and speed in mind. The Iridium 70 Blue has 70% carbon, it offers control and power for hitting and slapping. If you are an advanced striker player, this is your stick. An extra light Aramid layer strengthens the protection in the backhand hitting area.

All the “Essentials” sticks collection comes with a sandy texture in the head area (Sticky Face) to increase your precision and control with the ball.


Construction: 70% Carbon, 25% Fiberglass, 3% Kevlar, 2% Aramid
Shape: Takticbow (Extra Low Bow)
Balance Point: 390mm
Weight: 530g
Bow Height: 23,8mm
Bow Position: 205mm
Head Angle: 45°
Head Length: 118mm
Handle Thickness: 29mm


Backhand Hitting Armour*
Sticky Face**
AntiQuake Foam***
Soft Grip Gray
*Blade reinforcement
**Keeps the ball under control at the contact point
***Increase cushioning and comfort