BALLING - Tokyo One · Xtreme Lowbow Groove

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Designed for elite drag flickers and players focused on aerial skills thanks to the soft groove on the bow. Built with an ultra-low 200mm bow point and thin profile. Crafted from 97% Japanese Toray Carbon to achieve precision, power, and velocity in every shot. An extra light Aramid layer strengthens the protection in the backhand hitting area.


Construction: 97% Carbon, 2% Kevlar, 1% Aramid
Shape: Xtreme Lowbow Groove
Balance Point: 390mm
Weight: 530g
Bow Height: 24mm
Bow Position: 200mm
Head Angle: 45°
Head Length: 118mm
Handle Thickness: 29mm



Backhand Hitting Armour*
Sticky Face**
AntiQuake Foam***
FeelGrip: Buffed and Perforated
*Blade reinforcement
**Keeps the ball under control at the contact point
***Increase cushioning and comfort